It’s Okay If Your Click Doesn’t Convert

Your ad is set. It’s super cool. Engagement is off the charts. People are clicking like their lives depend on it. But people aren’t buying.

Nightmare? Far from it.

A lot of the time when I’m working with people on their marketing campaigns they are looking for immediate action – which in most cases means getting people who click the ad to make a purchase (conversion rate). They do all the work to get the ads out there or the third-party relationships in place to drive traffic, and people are engaging. They’re clicking through. But according to analytics, no one is buying after they click.
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12 Must-Do Marketing Tips to Give Your Small Business a Rock-Solid Digital Strategy

Even though the bulk of the career you see on my resume is working with multi-million dollar businesses, in my day-to-day life I, like pretty much everyone else, interact with people outside my professional circle. Be it the local coffee shop, an independent publisher, a digital design firm, a newly-launching small clothing shop or even an accounting agency, one thing is for certain – every business looking to succeed is also looking for some tips on effective online marketing.

Since the basics of marketing are honestly the same regardless of your business, any research you can do into the basics of how marketing works will be useful. Better yet, look at bringing on an agency for a short engagement. But if you want my list of quick tips on things I think every small business should be keeping in mind when they look to grow through marketing, read on.
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Without Purpose, Your “Content Marketing” Is Just a Noisy Distraction

I go to a LOT of marketing conferences. Most of them are at CMO / VP-level, and deal with some pretty cutting-edge concepts when it comes to brand strategy and adopting to the ever-changing world. This year, the biggest discussions are around Brand Experience – and for many, that means Content Marketing.

At its core, Content Marketing is simply creating content to drive business awareness and leads. Pretty simple, right?

Of course the answer is yes and no. Here’s the issue I’ve been seeing with Content Marketing: A lot of businesses are jumping onto the content marketing bandwagon and producing content, but without consideration of just what the point of it is.

When I was at the GDS CMO Summit in Mexico in October, you might have seen me tweet “Marketing 2016: Let Me Entertain You.” That’s a pretty good summation of what I’m seeing, and for the most part it’s what I see modern marketing turning into – a desperate, unfocused grab for attention through entertainment as a way to get customers through the door.

The problem is, a lot of companies aren’t thinking their strategy through on this. In their excitement and eagerness to stay current, they are forgetting the important question of WHY?.
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