Ends-Focused Marketing: Your Business is Really a Service

One of the things marketers struggle most with is what message they want to portray to their customers. Oftentimes this turns into a list of features and benefits of the product, or simple positioning of the brand in comparison to competitors.

When I talk to others about marketing though, the one biggest piece of advice I can give is this: figure out what your customer is trying to accomplish.

In the end, the products we promote as marketers are in almost all instances, the means to an end. For Musicnotes, that end is simple: someone wants to play a song. For a book store, the customer wants to read something. How they discover your brand and how you help them discover the right product is part of the marketer’s job, but the most important thing to remember is that they have a purpose and its your job to help them fulfill it.

This is why I push so much for marketers to focus on customer experience, and in particular, an experience that gets customers to where they want to be as simply as you possibly can. It’s also why I shy away from cross-sells and up-sells, as they can be distractions to the purchasing process. Distractions in the process are just that: distractions. Unless you’re providing true discoverability where discoverability is actually wanted, skip it. Otherwise you’re just getting in the way.

My theory is this: If customers can rely on you to fulfill their needs, with a product they trust and in as painless as a way possible, you’ve just delivered joy. That rush of dopamine they get from actually doing what it was that they set out to do (read a book, learn a song, run a race) was catalyzed by you.

So, keep these purposes in mind at all times when you’re marketing. Don’t just list features or come up with pretty graphics. Show the customer how you’re going to solve their problem. Make the customer happy.

If they’re happy, they’re going to come back. And their going to tell their friends. And you’re going to be successful.

Remember their goal and help them reach it.

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