Life Hack: Start Drinking Soylent

For me, one of the worst parts about eating is the distraction it puts into the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love tasty food … but sometimes I have other things I’d rather be doing than making and consuming a meal.

This is where Soylent has been absolutely fantastic. If you’re not familiar with Soylent, it’s basically a kind of nutritional shake type thing you can drink and it replaces your meals. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not here to tell you about what Soylent is. You can read that yourself at their website.

What I do want to get across is just how much of an improvement to my life Soylent has been, and encourage you to give it a try.

Mealtime Isn’t an Inconvenience

As I sit here writing this little article, I’m eating lunch. Or rather, drinking it. This is one of the best parts of Soylent as a meal replacement: I’m able to do things I want to be doing without spending a half an hour getting food ready – and my hands stay clean too.

Other times when I’m not working while I eat, I like to take my lunch break as an actual break – and do something I want to actually do. Most of the time that something is to do a little reading. But have you ever tried to hold a book open while you are holding a sandwich? Or eating a bowl of soup? It just doesn’t work. Soylent? Yeah that works.

It’s Really Cost-Effective

Besides saving time though, Soylent also saves me money. Soylent is ridiculously inexpensive. At something like $2.50 a bottle I’m getting better nutrition than any visit to a take out place is going to give me, and spending less than a quarter the cost.

It’s Healthy

To top it all off though, it’s made me healthier. I’ve been drinking Soylent for over a year now – usually replacing a 5-7 meals a week with it, and I have never felt better. I did have headaches at first, but those were due to the increased potassium intake I was getting from Soylent (most of us don’t get anywhere near enough potassium). Drinking more water throughout the day solved that.

Anyway. It’s healthy. It’s inexpensive. It allows me to free up time. It’s clean and utilitarian. And it honestly also tastes pretty good.

(P.S. If you don’t like how it tastes, it works great for smoothies too. Try it with honey, cinnamon and some mixed berries.)

Soylent Smoothie

Seriously, Try Soylent.

Want to try it yourself? Use this link and save 50% off your first 12 bottle order of Soylent.

And no. I don’t get paid for this article. I just love Soylent so much that I decided it was time to tell everyone about it so they try it out themselves.


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One thought on “Life Hack: Start Drinking Soylent

  1. Yes! Ever since I discovered the glorious Soylent powder v1.7 (and now on v1.8), it’s been so much more convenient.

    It takes me 4 mins to make a breakfast, and I don’t stop now along the way to uni for all sorts of greasy awful food.

    Love it.

    *I use powder because I’m a poor college student and powder is even cheaper than the cheap 2.0 bottles.

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