Content Marketing About Content Marketing (This Post Is So Meta)

It’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it?

The whole idea of writing an article about writing an article.

Creating valuable content about creating valuable content so I can help others improve their marketing in an attempt to improve my own marketing.


It’s like our own little blog version of Inception.


But that’s what this article is about. It’s about the idea that in order to be seen as valuable today, you have to provide content that people find valuable. Or at least entertaining. (Do I entertain you?)

You see, the very idea of content marketing is to provide content that drives people to your site or business, or at least builds awareness around it. It’s about building a rapport with others. They come in, they read whatever you wrote, or they download your whitepaper, or they watch your video or whatever. You make content, target it to people who are interested in the content, and build engagement.

And if you’ve read this far, I’ve engaged you. If not, you left and that’s okay. You weren’t my target audience.

Also, if you noticed, while writing this blog post about content marketing, I made sure to repeat the phrase content marketing a fairly meaningful amount of times. It’s not just so that you don’t forget what the article is about, but it’s also about driving traffic to the article via SEO so the algorithms out there can curate the article to help you find it more easily as well.

That’s pretty much what content marketing is. Creating content that serves some purpose to your target audience.

It can even be a content marketing article about content marketing targeted to people who want to be content marketers.

So meta.

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