Has advertising arrived on Google Home?

My Thoughts: While the recent mention of the new Beauty and the Beast movie by Google home apparently wasn’t actually an ad (it was just conversational news I guess?), I won’t put it past Google to figure out a way to start delivering ads through the Google Home appliance at some point.

But beyond the ads, my bigger concern is the fact that Google will at some point want to start listening in on every day conversations to build out better ad targeting opportunities, which can then be leveraged across their other advertising platforms. While it’s not something they are doing now (that I know of) the idea of having something in the house to listen to organic conversations to build out customer profiles just seems like something too good for Google to pass up.

Perhaps it won’t be on the current paid model of the device … but a “free” version that’s ad-supported as well as customer-research modeled? Yeah. That sounds like something we should expect from Google. It’s just a matter of time, as far as I’m concerned.

Google Home

As more and more consumers interact with devices that have intelligent assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, it’s natural that companies in the digital advertising ecosystem are going to be interested in experimenting with audio ads, which could be a killer app for monetizing these devices.

Source: Has advertising arrived on Google Home? | ClickZ

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