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My Thoughts: This whole notion of apps for TV is so misguided. Seriously who wants a separate app for every channel? People don’t watch channels, they watch programming. And all this segmentation between the different apps and what content is locked behind each is a mess.

Amazon has it partly right with their recent additions of HBO, Starz and Showtime as services directly within Amazon Video. But it’s still messy.

That said, it’s not like cable or satellite has it much better. (I hate trying to remember what channel # HBO is. Much less remembering what show is on what network and what channel that network is on.)

Seriously – just build a system where I can say “watch Westworld” and then “watch Scream Queens” right after and I’ll be much happier than I am right now. As it currently stands, I’m switching inputs, or at the very least switching between HBO Now and Hulu.

It’s 2017. This is ridiculous … and it’s only going to keep getting worse as providers keep up adding their own original content and locking it behind their apps and paywalls.

I want “Spotify Radio” for TV, I want to select a show and get suggested ones like that appear next. I want all content to be linked, I want to select a TV star and see all they’ve appeared it. I want to click on a writer and find out more about them. I want my remote to be my phone and control center for all content. I want shows I can interact with meaningfully on it. 

TV is about to go under the most radical transformation imaginable. Lines are going to blur. What is stored locally and what in the cloud? When does TV become Video? What should usage rights be for nations and devices? Do we need a set top box anymore?

Source: The Future of TV isn’t apps | TechCrunch

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