Livestream On a Budget

5 Tips to Livestream Your Event on a Budget (And Still Look Professional)

On the evening of January 21, 2017 I made history. From roughly 8pm-12:30am I livestreamed a reading of my entire novel, ‘A Confession,’ across Facebook Live and Periscope/Twitter. As far as I know, I’m the first author ever to do this.

I did it all in my house, on my own, in my basement for under $100.

And now the question everyone keeps asking me is How did you do it?

When I first decided to go all-in with this event, I admit I had a few hesitations. How do I keep the camera rolling? How will it all look? Will the services even let me stream for that long?

Can my throat handle talking for 4.5 hours straight?

Well, the key in making sure the event went off as well as it did was in preparation. Here’s what I did, and what you can also do on your own if you’re ever looking to do a live event of your own.
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An Excellent Resource on How to Calculate Your Marketing Budget

Through my career I’ve worked with small businesses who are just tinkering with marketing all the way through multi-million dollar huge-name companies. Some of them have no actual budget in mind for their marketing. Others have set aside a subjective amount – basically what they think they can “afford.” And others work with a set marketing budget.

The problem I run into the most though when companies try to figure out how much they should allocate to marketing is that most of them really have no idea what is a good starting point.
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