The Revenge of Analog

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I’ve spent my entire professional career selling digital products online. For the last sixteen years I’ve disrupted (some would say decimated) a good portion of one of the oldest publishing industries in the world: sheet music.

When I started at as a lowly marketing assistant back in 2000, the concept of buying online had gained some traction … but the idea of buying a digital, virtual, item was still completely foreign to the general consumer. Keep in mind that this was before iTunes had even launched. Apple didn’t introduce us to the concept of buying digital music until January of 2001. Amazon didn’t even launch its Kindle e-Reader until 2007.

As technology evolved and people became much more accustomed to the concept of buying a digital item online, the world changed. I was a cheerleader of the benefits of digital distribution. In the sheet music industry, like many others, it solved a ridiculous amount of problems … such as print inventory, delivery logistics, cost of physical goods, lead times to print, how big a print run would be and even the very process behind which decisions were made as to if a product was financially feasible to even exist.
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Coke CMO Defends TV as Cola Giant Rethinks Digital Approach | CMO Strategy – AdAge

My thoughts: It’s interesting to see someone as big as Coca Cola defending television as a stronger platform than digital – but it can also make a lot of sense if you think about it. We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how video is the future for digital … but video is exactly what TV has been all along. Getting your visual story out there in front of people is what TV is best at – and since Coke is such a broad audience brand, it’s not like they need to do microtargeting.

Maybe TV will see a resurgence in value as marketers learn to start using it as a brand storytelling medium again rather than just a place to shove an ad in the consumers’ face. Might it not be that the message and approach in advertising is more important than the medium?

Coca-Cola Co. global Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto on Friday defended TV advertising as providing the best bang for the buck while questioning the beverage giant’s past digital spending practices.

Source: Coke CMO Defends TV as Cola Giant Rethinks Digital Approach | CMO Strategy – AdAge