Rue21 is Closing Over Half Its Stores Because of the Internet

My Thoughts: This is just getting crazy. Sears, The Limited, Wet Seal and BCBG already all bankrupt this year, and now Rue21? Is there a nudist movement afoot? Where are people getting their clothes?

Oh yeah, online.

The privately held company is shuttering nearly 400 stores, leaving it more than 700 stores in 48 states. It has 14 stores in the San Antonio metropolitan area, of which four are closing, according to its website. The four listed as closing are located in the Rigsby Road Shopping Center in San Antonio, The Forum in Selma, Floresville and Pleasanton.

Source: Rue21 closing 400 stores, including several in the San Antonio metro area – San Antonio Express-News

The Future of Retail Has Never Been Brighter (Thoughts from eTail West 2017)

As February came to a close and March began, some of the smartest people in retail converged on Palm Springs, California like it was some sort of e-commerce Coachella festival. As they do every year around this time, these leaders in retail got together to share a combination of insights and recommendations as to the current state of digital commerce, while thousands more of their peers listened in to hear the latest in what’s happening in this world.

Still, as anyone who’s been in “e-commerce” knows, eTail is about more than just selling things online. It has to be. As e-commerce has evolved over the past two decades its grown from an outlier and change agent to become a key component of how we shop and interact with brands. It’s past mobile commerce, multichannel and even omnichannel. Instead, now with its big brother, Brick and Mortar, it’s become just part of how we consumers buy stuff.

But is it even more than that? If this year’s eTail West conference was any indication, the answer is an absolute YES.
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Amazon wants to ramp up in paid search | Marketing Dive

My Thoughts: I’m honestly surprised they haven’t done more in this space. They have so much shopping traffic, any e-commerce company would jump at the opportunity to get integrated as a result better. And honestly with their margins where they are, this could be hugely profitable for them as well.

I know there’s been ways to get in there, but they weren’t well-integrated, and honestly pretty roundabout – at least if you were linking to an external site. I’d been looking for a good solution for this for a long time. Plus you figure if they can integrated this stuff into Alexa, etc they’re going to get to a remarkably strong shopping platform (even better than they have now!)

All they have to do now is get Alexa to answer regular old questions, and they’ll be the answer to all my dreams.

Consumers are already using Amazon for product search. A survey from PowerReviews last summer found that Amazon beats Google as a starting point for product search, with 38% choosing the e-commerce giant and 35% the search giant.

As Amazon’s digital platform continues to extend beyond commerce, there are a growing number of engagement opportunities throughout the day, something the company could monetize through paid search.

Source: Amazon wants to ramp up in paid search | Marketing Dive

Sad Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2016: A Case of Cyber Monday Withdrawal Blues

Today is Cyber Monday. And for the first time since the invention of Cyber Monday … no, since before Cyber Monday even existed, I’m not working for an e-commerce retailer.

And it’s really weird.

I’ve been caught up in a lot of projects lately that have been taking my attention, but today is one of those days where I feel a bit emptier. As the consumer world goes on their mad rush to find the best online deals, e-commerce marketers are busy watching the returns of their long-planned campaigns, hoping their sites don’t go down and that every promotion goes off without a hiccup.

It’s really one of the most exciting days to work in e-commerce … and I’m missing it. Instead of sitting behind a monitor watching sales roll in, cheering for records to be broken and the marketing plan to be a hit, I’m busy working on other things.

They’re fun things, to be sure. Pretty exciting actually (especially a few things that are in the hopper I can’t talk about yet). But they’re not the rush of Cyber Monday.

So all you e-commerce marketers – while you might get a little stressed out today, try to take everything in. It’s the most exciting retail day of the year for you – and probably the one day you’ve been planning around the most over the last few months.

Enjoy it.

Ride the wave.

Celebrate the successes.

Learn from the mistakes.

Try to take a breath.

Or two.

And then remember this. Cyber Monday isn’t even the biggest online shopping day of the year.

That’s not until Green Monday … which for 2016 means you have until December 12th to really start freaking out.

Oh how I miss it.

How’s your Cyber Monday? Or how was it? Any big successes? Colossal failures? Heart attacks? Share below.