Top Ten Sites for Royalty Free Stock Photos

The Top Ten Sites for Beautiful Royalty Free Stock Photos

Where can I find free images to use on my web site and social media without any licensing worries? I need some royalty free stock photos!

It’s a question I get asked pretty frequently – especially since many of my own posts have some great images tied to them.

You could pay for them. And sometimes I do. But a lot of the time things like simple blog posts or social media shares aren’t made with any sort of major return on investment in mind, and therefore can’t have extra budget allotted for creative. So what do you do? Take photos of your own? Leave your posts barren fields of text?

While I do recommend taking and using your own photos when you can (I do it about 20% of the time), there are other solutions – and those are free-to-use, royalty-free images.

Basically they are photos that you are allowed to use on your site or social media, free of charge. Each often has their own terms (like requiring credit, or restricting resale of the images) so be sure to check those out before you go crazy. But they’re a great solution.

And so, here are the top 10 royalty-free photo sites I turn to when I need to procure an image (but just don’t have the budget for something like Getty Images or Adobe Stock).
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