What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Although it’s been around for going on three decades now, digital marketing is still an area of marketing many people are still struggling to understand. Part of the question of “what is digital marketing?” comes from the fact that it wasn’t until recently that digital marketing became an actual field of study at universities and tech schools. Another reason though is that digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is much more intangible since it exists only in digital form.

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Amazon wants to ramp up in paid search | Marketing Dive

My Thoughts: I’m honestly surprised they haven’t done more in this space. They have so much shopping traffic, any e-commerce company would jump at the opportunity to get integrated as a result better. And honestly with their margins where they are, this could be hugely profitable for them as well.

I know there’s been ways to get in there, but they weren’t well-integrated, and honestly pretty roundabout – at least if you were linking to an external site. I’d been looking for a good solution for this for a long time. Plus you figure if they can integrated this stuff into Alexa, etc they’re going to get to a remarkably strong shopping platform (even better than they have now!)

All they have to do now is get Alexa to answer regular old questions, and they’ll be the answer to all my dreams.

Consumers are already using Amazon for product search. A survey from PowerReviews last summer found that Amazon beats Google as a starting point for product search, with 38% choosing the e-commerce giant and 35% the search giant.

As Amazon’s digital platform continues to extend beyond commerce, there are a growing number of engagement opportunities throughout the day, something the company could monetize through paid search.

Source: Amazon wants to ramp up in paid search | Marketing Dive