Who Is Bill Aicher?

When I first started working online there was no Internet.

Back in the early 90s we dialed into things called “bulletin board systems” with our 2400 bps modems where we chatted and played text-based games. And yeah, even though I hadn’t finished grade school yet, I ran a BBS myself. There was no way I couldn’t – the whole thing blew my mind.

In the mid-90s the “Internet” came around, and of course, I wanted in. So I started working for an Internet Service Provider (with their racks and racks of ultra-fast 56k modems). I did tech support, sales and web design. I taught people how to “surf the web.”

Through college I did a bunch of Internet stuff for the University of Wisconsin. In my spare time I even launched one of the first music review websites. I ran it for about seven years, before selling it to focus on my “professional career.”

My professional career started as a marketing assistant. Sometimes they called me a guerilla marketer. My job was to go to Backstreet Boys fan sites and post about how much I loved the group. Yeah. That was before there was such a thing as an affiliate program. There weren’t ad networks. We made it up as we went along.

I worked at Musicnotes for over sixteen years and as the Internet industry grew, grew along with it and it was a fantastic ride. In my career at Musicnotes since that Marketing Assistant gig i’ve been called Creative Director, Director of both the Web and Marketing Teams, Chief Growth Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

I’ve brought an e-commerce start-up to over 6 million customers and $25 million in annual sales (all on a $5 product!) and I’ve done it by immersing myself in all aspects of this constantly-changing digital world.

Leveraging digital technology to create strong brand presence and superb user experiences is the core of my philosophy, and I’m particularly interested in understanding user behavior and psychology to build out ideal messaging and experiences, while remaining focused on a strong ROI and business growth.

It comes down to this:

I love learning, and applying that learning to solve problems.

I’m fascinated by people.

What? Why? and How? are my favorite questions.

And I just plain love what technology is allowing us to do. I always have.

Feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to chat.