A Quick Hack for Awesome Image + Text Content

Image + Text Typography Content Is Easy (and Awesome) with This Tool

I gotta be honest. I was a little hesitant to share this hack I use for creating image + text content since it gives away a bit of my “magic” – but it’s just too good not to share.

If you use any kind of social network, you’ve seen the images of nicely formatted quotes or affirmations etc. overlaid on nice photography and backgrounds. They’re a great visual (and engaging!) way to get a short message across – so much so that Facebook even recently added in the ability to put background colors behind your text posts as a way to emulate their effectiveness.

But making beautiful graphics is hard, right? There’s certainly a lot more to well-formatted typography than just sticking some text over and image and hitting save (trust me, I’ve tried it). So how do you get the same kind of professional-quality images of your own to share?

Easy. There’s an app for that.

It’s called WordSwag and it’s become my go-to app for sharing any kind of quote or saying. Yes, you have to pay for it – but it’s only a few bucks … but the quality? It’s frankly amazing and this is a tool every marketer needs to have in their toolbox.

Not only does it come with a great selection of instant formatting options for your text, but it even allows you to edit, rotate, resize and reformat your text on the fly. Text not the right color? Change it. Background image too bright or the wrong color for the mood you want to evoke? Alter it with the filters.

Even better? It’s integrated with Pixabay (one of my recommended go-to sites for free images) – which means you don’t even have to come up with your own photos (although I do think they add a bit of original flair if you can manage it).

Take a look at the photos below for a few examples of what I’ve put together on my own – each with only a few minutes worth of work.

Yeah, the last one is from a photo I took on my own – because believe it or not, it’s not easy to find a stock photo of a ninja turtle riding a giant bumblebee and about to take flight. You’ll notice that with that one I also added a small branding watermark at the bottom, which WordSwag also has built in – always a bonus if you want to brand your shareable content (although it does sometimes lead to less sharing).

So go now and download WordSwag. You’ll be making awesome, shareable image content in no time … and if you hit another snag thinking of content to share? Check out BrainyQuote. People always love quotes. Trust me on this one.

P.S. I do have one bonus tip for you…

Make sure that whatever you do, you proofread before you post. Unlike regular text posts, you’re stuck with what’s on your image when you post it. There’s no room to quick tap “edit” and fix that typo.

It’s how this article almost ended up with this image for the headline, instead of the one that’s there right now.

A Quick Hack for Awesome Image + Text Content

Pretty awseome, right?

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