Sad Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2016: A Case of Cyber Monday Withdrawal Blues

Today is Cyber Monday. And for the first time since the invention of Cyber Monday … no, since before Cyber Monday even existed, I’m not working for an e-commerce retailer.

And it’s really weird.

I’ve been caught up in a lot of projects lately that have been taking my attention, but today is one of those days where I feel a bit emptier. As the consumer world goes on their mad rush to find the best online deals, e-commerce marketers are busy watching the returns of their long-planned campaigns, hoping their sites don’t go down and that every promotion goes off without a hiccup.

It’s really one of the most exciting days to work in e-commerce … and I’m missing it. Instead of sitting behind a monitor watching sales roll in, cheering for records to be broken and the marketing plan to be a hit, I’m busy working on other things.

They’re fun things, to be sure. Pretty exciting actually (especially a few things that are in the hopper I can’t talk about yet). But they’re not the rush of Cyber Monday.

So all you e-commerce marketers – while you might get a little stressed out today, try to take everything in. It’s the most exciting retail day of the year for you – and probably the one day you’ve been planning around the most over the last few months.

Enjoy it.

Ride the wave.

Celebrate the successes.

Learn from the mistakes.

Try to take a breath.

Or two.

And then remember this. Cyber Monday isn’t even the biggest online shopping day of the year.

That’s not until Green Monday … which for 2016 means you have until December 12th to really start freaking out.

Oh how I miss it.

How’s your Cyber Monday? Or how was it? Any big successes? Colossal failures? Heart attacks? Share below.


Is It Ethical for Stores to Be Open on Thanksgiving?

When I was growing up it wasn’t even really a question: Should stores be open on Thanksgiving?

The very idea of being open on Thanksgiving was ridiculous – at least unless you were a store that people might rely on for the day. Say a gas station or a grocery store – and even those generally had very limited hours. But as Black Friday (and more recently Cyber Monday) have taken off, the competition has become more fierce and we see more stores open on Thanksgiving.

It’s become such a controversial issue that we now see lists online of stores that will be open or closed on Thanksgiving, and even calls for boycott against those that are open.

Even the other day, a colleague of mine posted an article about stores being open on Thanksgiving, and my knee-jerk reaction was “boo!” But then it got me thinking a bit more. Is it ethical for stores to be open on Thanksgiving? Even more so, is it potentially unethical to be closed?

Like anything in life, there is no easy answer, but there are a few things to think about as you consider the decision.
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