Teens Are Leaving Smaller Social Networks – Moving Primarily to Snapchat and Instagram

My Thoughts: It was only a matter of time before more of the social networks died off and even teens started to congregate amongst the larger ones. While it’s true that teens like to be “rebellious” and go places where the “grownups aren’t,” they also do want to be where others are – as a social network isn’t worth much when there aren’t any other users on it.

It’s kind of like eBay in that regard – sure, other auction sites can and do exist, but if you want to be in engaging with the most people, you go where they people are. Plus, as these larger networks continue to drive user growth and revenue they are able to reinvest that capital into the network platforms themselves, making them much more valuable of destinations for the users.

Today’s social networks are a far cry from the scrappy startups they were just a decade ago. Today they are multi-billion-dollar companies with massive R&D and marketing budgets, which are in turn causing the smaller networks to be less attractive. After all, who wants to invest their efforts into maintaining a presence on a social network that has less features and fewer users – especially when all the coolest features just get copied by the big guys eventually anyway?

Teens are consolidating their social network activity around four main social networks: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and have stopped using smaller ones such as Kik or Tumblr, according to a new survey from investment bank PiperJaffray.

Source: Teens are dropping smaller social networks in favor of Snapchat and Instagram | Business Insider India