VR, AR and the Inherent Challenge to Promoting What Must Be Experienced

This past holiday season, one of the hottest tech trends I saw being promoted on TV was Samsung’s swing at VR: their Gear VR headset. The commercials were on pretty constantly (at least on the programming I watched) … but there was one big problem with them. There’s no way to really show the VR experience in an ad.

It’s a challenge both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) marketers are going to have to figure out how to surmount in order to get the kind of widespread adoption the technologies need to survive. But with all our ways of marketing, pretty much none of them can get across what the actual experience is. Sure, you could write an article “explaining it” in words or you could show a picture or video of what the person might be seeing on-screen … but I just don’t see how those are going to get the job done.
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DayZ Creator On VR Development: ‘There Is No Money In It’

In a lengthy Reddit post last night, DayZ creator and Out of Ammo developer Dean Hall sounded off on the “terrible assumptions” he sees VR enthusiasts making about subsidized development deals and VR development in general. Virtual reality is not yet profitable, he says, and developers should have the right to take any help they can get.

Source: DayZ Creator On VR Development: ‘There Is No Money In It’